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The Wedding Edit was created in 2019 to fill a void in conventional wedding shows by highlighting vendors in action and immersing engaged couples in a live wedding experience.


A talented team of wedding professionals will transform the featured venue space and provide an example of what a wedding day could look like. Engaged couples attending will be in the shoes of a wedding guest and celebrate a real vow-renewal ceremony, connect with vendors, and enjoy a wedding reception with their date!

A real married couple is nominated and chosen to participate in a vow renewal so attending couples can celebrate their love while getting inspired to plan their wedding day!

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Follow our exciting journey!

October 2019 

Event Proposal Drafted


November 2019

Venue Partnership Confirmed: Foundry Room!

Invited Vendors to Join!


January 2020

Promotional Video Launched

Featured Vow Renewal Couple Announced: Linda Hoang & Mike Brown!

Confetti Wedding Magazine Feature


January 30, 2020


Global News Morning Feature

February 29, 2020


Show Commenced On Leap Year!

March - April 2020 

Reflection and Feedback from Inaugural Show

Planning for Next Show Began

June 2020

Vow Renewal Featured on Today's Bride 

Next Date Confirmed: February 27, 2021

Next Venue Partnership Confirmed: Renaissance Edmonton Airport Hotel!

July 2020

Vow Renewal Nominations Open

Linda Hoang's Blog Feature

Vendor Invitations Open

August 2020

Vow Renewal Application Closes


September 2020 

Vow Renewal Couple Announced: Rachelle & Cris Anderson!

October 2020 

Early bird Tickets Launched!

November 2020

Vendor Features Begin



How are tickets sold?

Tickets are sold individually but we encourage engaged couples to attend together. This year we are also offering a virtual ticket (for the ceremony component only) for those who wish to join us from the comfort of home.

Will dietary restrictions be met?

If you have any dietary restrictions please make note of this at checkout. We will make sure to accommodate an option for you in regards to the food items being prepared.

How long is the event?

The event is planned for a duration of four hours but may end up being slightly shorter or longer on the day of. We recommend setting aside the time to have a full experience of The Wedding Edit.

Where can I park for this event?

There is a spacious parking lot infront of the hotel. When you leave for the event, you will be provided a ticket to insert so your parking is complimentary.

What should I wear?

As this is an immersive wedding experience we recommend dressing in cocktail attire or semi-formal clothing. Of course, dress for the weather and wear shoes you are comfortable in as you will be walking around.

How can I best prepare for this event?

The best way to prepare is to review our vendor listing on our website and note any specific vendors you want to look out for or get to know on the day of the event. Also, come with an open mind to explore new ideas and trends so you can get inspired for your own wedding day!

What if I want more information about a certain vendor?

At the event you will receive a designed program of all the vendors involved and what they took part in. There will also be a cocktail hour post-ceremony where you can connect with vendors at their designated areas. The Wedding Edit provides a starting point for you to connect with vendors so you can book your top choices!

Will I get to talk to a vendor on site?

After the vow-renewal ceremony, there will be a cocktail hour where you will can connect with vendors and ask them specific questions. Some vendors may be transitioning or setting up and this will allow an opportunity for you to see their skill sets and professionalism in action.

Do I have to be on site the whole time?

We highly recommend staying for the whole duration of the event to get the full experience and interact with all the different settings and planned events. You are also welcome to explore the venue at your own pace and take breaks if you wish.

What safety and health measures will be in place due to covid-19?

A week before the event, all ticket holders will receive an email about the show's guidelines as per current AHS recommendations. All those in attendance will be asked to attend with a mask on (besides eating/drinking). Our event capacity will be limited to the current event gathering restrictions and we will have ample signage and sanitizer on site to ensure we are keeping high touch points clean. During the ceremony, chairs will be paired off and guests will sit with those they came with. During the reception, no more than 3 couples (6 guests) will be seated together and table groupings will be distance from one another. All guests, volunteers, and vendors in attendance will be on a master contact list should we need to proceed with any contact tracing post-event.


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